As the only fitness equipment manufacturer in the world dedicated exclusively to the design and production of elliptical trainers, Octane Fitness has rapidly become a leader in the industry.

Innovation, uncompromising quality and personalized customer service clearly distinguish this brand in its segment. That’s why our elliptical trainers regularly win awards. Made in the USA and backed by a 10-year warranty on the chassis and a 2-year warranty on electronics and wear parts, Octane products are a sure bet.

These appliances offer the perfect combination of balance, high performance and high-quality features. Octane’s elyptic bikes impress with their unrivalled maneuverability and varied, targeted training programs. The brand’s treadmills also provide intense training without damaging the joints.

Octane regularly sets new standards in the fitness industry. Authentic movements and high-quality components offer you an effective cardiological workout that is unique in the world.